June 07, 2011

Pain pain pain

I thought my shingles were under control and healing, when I got whammed by some serious breakthrough pain today.

After a day of pain misery, I have been told to switch back to Gabapentin from Lyrica. I had only taken four Lyrica pills (it was expensive!) but if it doesn't work, I need to find something that does.

I should still use the Fentanyl 50 mcg patch and the Lidocain 5% patch and have increased to two of three permitted three daily. I may try three tomorrow. I am to add two 5/500 Vicodin and 0.5 Ativan for breakthrough pain.

So far the Vicodin has helped a lot, enough to type at the computer.

I'm going to start the Valacyclovir again, on the theory that I may still have active shingles in my body.

My major concern? That all these narcotics will prevent me from driving or being focused enough to do the things I love. I have an appointment to see Dr Bufi the naturopath tomorrow and would like to make it there and back safely. I suppose this is what the Ritalin is for....

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  1. Stay strong and positive as you are. and don't worry about not doing the things that you love, you will always find new things that will make you happy!


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