June 03, 2011


I've been running a low grade fever since Tuesday night. My nose runs constantly (but that could be due to the Avastin, which causes nose bleeds, and there is usually a little blood on my tissue). My temperature hovers around 99 degrees Fahrenheit, and has gone up to 100.5, the point at which I am supposed to call the doctor.

By the time I spoke to Nurse Jacque yesterday (when my temp hit 100.5 during the morning), it had already gone down more than a degree. She told me to take my temperature regularly, and if it should peak to 100.5 or higher and stay there for a couple of hours, I should call her. A steady temperature of 100.5 or higher is likely a sign of infection, and might occasion a hospital stay.

I think I probably picked up something while at Folklife. Two of the Dunavites are sick as well, but of course for me it's more serious than a spring cold. Being exposed to others, like walking in a crowd, puts me at a greater risk for catching something than the average person. But I went to Folklife because it was so important to me to sing with Dunava. I tried not to get too close to people, and if I picked up something, I hope I can manage it at home.

Meanwhile I am taking my temperature every hour or so.....

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