June 17, 2011

Busy bee

I've been extremely busy this week. Two synagogue meetings at night; choir rehearsal (which I bailed on, couldn't be out three nights in a row); a number of medical appointments and even some errands. They all combined to make me totally pooped.

Tuesday's and Wednesday's activities led to me crash on the couch at 7 PM Wednesday and not moving until almost 10 PM. Yes, I fell asleep in front of the TV, waking up at random moments and falling back asleep again.

That gave me some energy for Thursday (today). I had only one appointment, needed to stop by Dr G's office, and had one errand to run. Somehow that turned into hours on the road.

I do need a new lift for my left shoe. Either my leg has shortened  or the nine year old lift has compressed too much from my standing on it all this time. I am trying out a new, 15 mm lift. If it doesn't work, they'll make me another 3/8 inch lift (the former size). The new lift feels higher in my shoe and will take some adjusting. I don't know if it will fit at all in  my dress shoes. I think I will need to bring my new shoes back to Nordstrom and ask them to exchange for a larger size. Luckily, Nordstrom has the reputation of providing such good service that I should be a happy customer.

I had to pick up a prescription at Dr G's office and take it to the in-house pharmacy. This simple task ended up taking half an hour.

I did manage to eat lunch at Cafe Presse. I particularly enjoyed the chocolat chaud, so thick a spoon can stand upright in the cup and served with an even more generous blob of freshly whipped cream than I could manage to eat. If only I could have taken the leftovers home....but they would have melted in the car. Did I mention it was a nice day and the sun was shining?

My one errand of the day took me to the MAC cosmetic store in the U Village, where some kind of sidewalk sale was happening. Of course I had to check out everything, from shoes to clothes to kitchen ware. Nothing spoke to me, but just being there consumed almost an hour.

I stopped at shul to read something and ended up spending almost 45 minutes talking wit the rabbi and the executive director.

I finally arrive at home at 4 PM, having left the house at 9:30 AM. I crashed on the outdoor lounge chair and actually slept for an hour. Then I folded laundry, made up the bed with clean sheets, called my mother, and heated up something to bring to Shabbat dinner. I don't know who taught me this, but I learned from someone: never go anywhere empty-handed.

Now we are home again, it's finally getting dark, and I am about ready to go to sleep. I can't tell you how many times I felt my eyes closing today, even when driving the car. I am simply too tired to be trusted, and I need to listen to my body.

Laila tov, bon soir, good night to one and all.

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  1. This made me laugh. Not cos you tired, but the line: "I don't know who taught me this, but I learned from someone: never go anywhere empty-handed".
    I think it's a Jewish thing - oh it probably fits many cultures but I am Jewish and know that too - so good to hear someone else say it....