June 10, 2011

Hair loss

I am losing more hair than a few weeks ago. As I stand in the shower, it now comes out not quite in clumps, but certainly in the dozens instead of in the single hairs.

I'm not sure why this is the case. My last treatment was on May 30th, Abraxane and Avastin, when I had already started valacyclovir for shingles. At that point (dose four) my hair was still only slightly falling out. The next dose was scheduled for June 6, but was cancelled due to low counts from the shingles outbreak. Dr G told me that same day he'd recently read about a cancer patient who died after her bout with shingles conflicted with active chemotherapy treatment. Not for me, thank you!

I see the infectious disease specialist, Dr Martin Siegel, on June 13. I assume I won't have chemo that day, since my appointment is in the afternoon, but you never know. He is the doc who is supposed to clear me to get chemo again. Maybe he will clear me for treatment later that week, even though Mondays ae my preferred chemo days. On the next Monday, June 20, I am scheduled to have the gamma knife treatment. Can I guess no chemo that day, which starts at 7 AM?

That might mean a chemo break of about four weeks, which would certainly make me feel good. No word on how it will affect my hair loss, or what impact it will have on my cancer. But I think all the docs will agree that treating the brain mets is the top priority.


  1. Hang in there. I know how it feels living from one scan to another, one treatment to another. Keep your head high, your faith and keep smiling.

  2. Also my hair is now coming back . I am on Abraxane.

  3. i am on Abraxane for the second time in a 12-month period and am just now losing my hair after 4 doses. How many doses of Abraxane did you take before your hair started to grow again?