October 28, 2009

Final (for now) lymphedema treatment

The PT and I agree that since the manual lymphatic drainage massage doesn't appear to be working, it's time to stop wasting money and time on it. I went straight form PT to order new sleeves and gloves and the provider gave me a new glove yesterday from stock on hand. The new sleeves are made to measure in Germany and take a couple of weeks to arrive. When they get here, I will stop bandaging at night, wean myself off the ativan, wear the new garments and hope for stability.

The good news is that the sleeve provider measured my arm yesterday and each measurement was the same as in April, the last time I had sleeves made. So hopefully the extra puffiness in my hand may resolve on its own, just like it did the last time, and I will be back to my usual daily lymphedema dealings.

One can always hope.


  1. Praying this one will work for you:)

  2. Ativan is addictive? Really?

  3. All these anti-anxiety and opioid meds can be habituating. You know if you find you need more to get the same level of relief. I try not to take the ativan daily for a long stretch of time unless I have a reason to (such as the lymphedema flare up). And then after I stop taking it I get rebound insomnia. The same is true for Ambien as I understand...

  4. Oh..I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I have been lucky so far..I am so afraid of lymphadema
    My friend Sally just developed it.
    I'll pray the new pressure sleeve does the trick

  5. This all sounds far more promising and more positive. I do hope you will gain some good relief from these new sleeves and gloves. I have always found that German medical cares are of good quality and do really help. Wishing you well with these and all best wishes.