October 23, 2009

Lymphedema update

It's now officially seven weeks since I began dealing with this lymphedema flare up. The physical therapist measured my arm today and there is no real change. I have had nine rounds of PT so as you can imagine, I am distressed. She gave me some new bandaging material to try over the weekend. I have one more approved visit next week and then, if things remain the same, the PT will recommend that I not continue therapy at this time but get fitted for a new sleeve and glove. If, on the other hand, things change over the weekend and there is measurable improvement in my hand and arm, the PT will request authorization for additional visits and continue to treat me.

Dealing with lymphedema is endlessly frustrating. Evidently, although many people respond quickly to the manual lymphatic drainage, massage and bandaging (the gold standard of treatment for lymphedema), there are a stubborn few who have fall into the cracks and don't get immediate relief. That's my lymphedema -- Trouble with a capital T.


  1. I'm so sorry you are still dealing with this! In the middle of my cancer in 2006, one of my biggest gripes and concerns was regarding being put at risk for lymphedema. It's like no one seems to take it seriously. Just rip out those lymph nodes! You'll be fine! No one seems to admit how bad it can be. I have been very blessed never to have struggled with it. I bless my surgeon...he seemed to accept my concern and promised to "finesse them out gently". I did travel to a higher elevation, but did it with the wraps on, and I did feel some tingling. I haven't ever flown though, or left the state.

    Oh I hope you get some relief soon!!!

  2. Like Shelli, I have never had to really deal with it. My upper arm tingles, but I don't have swelling. I am sorry that you are still struggling with this.

  3. I am sure you will recover soon...keep good hope and continue the treatment.