October 14, 2009

More coping through sleeping

Yesterday I wrapped my arm after breakfast and dragged my sorry ass around doing errands -- groceries, library, gas station, meeting. By the time I got home I was wiped AND frustrated, so again went to bed at 5 PM. I really feel for Rik through all this. My coping strategy can't be good in the long run for our marriage but in the meantime sleep and anti-anxiety drugs seem to be the only things holding me together. Vitamin CH isn't even helping.

Now it's so early that dawn hasn't even cracked. I have to get myself ready to head off to see the physical therapist (YAY! about time!), but that entails washing me, feeding me, feeding and walking two dogs -- in the dark and pouring rain.

The PT wants to see my bandaging supplies. If she makes me actually bandage I may scream.


  1. Well, then, if she knows what's good for her she'll not make you bandage. However, if it's what's good for you...

    Why is it what's good for us is never what we rather do?

  2. Just thinking of you that's all...sincerely wishing you better days.