April 03, 2009

5 FU starts today

I'm a little nervous about starting the first of the chemos. I have thought of chemo as the slippery slope --once I started on it, I would just continue to roll down the hill. Really, I've been fortunate to have 6+ years on other drugs. Now, however, I am apprehensive about what starting chemo means for my future living with cancer. I wonder and worry about how I will tolerate it, about what impact it will have on my life.

Today I tie myself to the short tether to the infusion room.


  1. Good luck. I will be thinking of you today, praying that all goes well. I will be back tomorrow.

  2. May the short tether at the infusion room provide the 'elixir' of life for you..
    Thinking of you and sending healing thoughts


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