April 13, 2009

Monday after chemo #2

I feel amazingly well after the second dose except for an unfortunate tendency to burp frequently. Since I hardly ever burp, I noticed this right away and am attributing it to a chemo side effect.

I had a wonderful visit with G and R and we played Scrabble. That was a great way to pass a couple of hours. Then I came home and took a long nap. Sitting in the chemo chair is tiring!

On Saturday I rested up, took a nap right after breakfast, and slept until lunch. Then it was off to prep for the Dunava concert, which was terrific! My personal fan club was there (you know who you are, and thank you for coming!). The room would have been SRO, they had to bring in more chairs to accommodate the overflow crowd. I overheard one person say that they have been to all the performances in this setting and we are by far the best. Someone else said they've heard us here for several years and we get better and better. That's lovely feedback. Our guests this year were Ruze Dalmatinke playing the Croatian tamburitsa music I love. They were terrific! I danced several dances and we sang one number with them.

After everything ended,we had an impromptu gathering at our house. (I had forgotten to tell Rik I invited people over and the dinner dishes were still in the sink.) We got to talk over the performance, they ate up our Passover desserts and finished the last of the wine. Some of the Radost family came as well, so it was like old home week.

On Sunday I visited with a sick friend and watched a movie (Rodgers' and Hammerstein's "Carousel"), went to the grocery store, and crashed for another afternoon nap. Then I made Passover "not-mac-and-cheese" and a green salad for dinner. Pretty yummy, but it would be hard not to be with all that cheddar in it.

Really this chemo (5FU with leucovorin) has been remarkably tolerable. Now if it is effective as well I will be very happy.


  1. Jill, when do you expect to know whether the treatment is working or not?

  2. My oncologist is traveling for Passover, so I won't see him until the end of April. Hopefully he will order some scans to see if this chemo is effective!