April 17, 2009

Third chemo dose today

Everything went well at my third dose of 5-FU, although I was a bit bored. One friend came for a visit, and I chatted with the other woman receiving treatment, but four hours in the chemo chair is a LONG time. Came home and after a massive two hour nap I am feeling pretty well.

Thursday's diarrhea responded so well to the Imodium that I then got all plugged up!

It also seems I have had little appetite lately. Food still tastes good and my sense of smell is as acute as always. I'm just not interested in food. (Very unlike me.)

Last night to celebrate the end of Passover we went out for pizza and beer and I had two bites of Rik's salad, a cup of tomato soup and one slice of pizza (plus the crust of a second slice). I think I was worried about revving up the diarrhea. For breakfast today I had four crackers spread with cream cheese. I just wasn't hungry. And I am ALWAYS hungry for breakfast.

This must be why so many cancer patients on chemo lose weight. They lose interest in food, or the side effects prevent them from eating. I guess smaller, more frequent meals should be the rule for the future.


  1. During chemo, I felt nauseous. I just ate bland food - BRAT diet. Smells bothered me as well so this was a good solution for me. I didn't really lose weight and what I did lose has since returned...

  2. so sorry you are suffering. I seem to be wanting all the wrong food. I use Movicol for constipation but you must be careful with the diarrhea
    Good luck x