April 29, 2009

Jill may be home Thursday!!

Jill is doing extremely well today as she continues reacting well to the therapy of antibiotics and antiviral drugs. She is now on a bigger selection of liquid diet, so she can eat a little more. She also is going to the bathroom some what more.

Today as she was getting out of bed to go to the bathroom she got all tangled up in the wires and cords and almost fell but only her just ordered lunch went flying to the floor in a zillion pieces! Well she had a good laugh and another shower of liquid food etc. She immediately had four helping people in her room helping her up and cleaning up her and the mess. So after they all cleaned up she ordered the same lunch again of yogurt and cream of wheat cereal, and the kitchen staff said I just sent that up an hour ago! So she explained the whole thing to them and laughed again. When the cream of wheat came up this time she lifted the cover and there it was with a little butter and salt and pepper under the covering. Just the way her dad used to make it for her when she was a little girl! So then she had a good cry and thought of her dad. Also very healthy and healing!

She is doing better each day and maybe tomorrow she might be allowed to come home where her three boys (two dogs and one husband) miss her dearly. Thank you for all the continued good wishes, prayers, thoughts and calls, and please understand if I do not answer everyone.

Rik for Jill


  1. It so good to hear that you can laugh!!!

    I am a great believer in "signs" and possibly, the butter and salt was your fathers way of letting you know that he is still there for you.

    You are in my prayers xxxx