April 30, 2009

Jill is still in the hospital

So we thought Jill might be released today, but the doctors felt there was still too much tenderness in her stomach to release her. Maybe tomorrow. She had a good if exhausting day because she had to change rooms to make way for the oncoming Swine Flu patients that are now appearing in Seattle. They closed two more schools today in the Seattle School district for a total of three now.

She is definitely up for visitors between 10AM and 4PM but she would kindly ask that you call first to check 778-8122. She had a decent evening but felt nauseous and threw up again, then felt better. Her diarrhea also is continuing. She is eating, but not very much and she is still taking IV fluids and a new med that her Infectious Disease doc recommended.

She is also a little bored (a good sign), maybe we will play Scrabble tomorrow night if she is still there.

Rik for Jill


  1. Betty Johanna9:42 AM

    Bummer about still in hospital. Good that you're getting good care. And that Rik is right there with the Scrabble board. (What a sweetheart he is.)
    We were going to go to Cafe Babel tomorrow night to hear Duvana, but will now hold off for another date. Ronni and I have all the confidence in the world that you'll soon be back singing and dancing.

  2. It is better that she is in hospital where they can treat her.

    Tell her I am praying for her x

  3. EEEEEE-yiikes! I didn't know that you all were dealing with Swine Flu there, too.