June 30, 2010

Doxil day 3

Although I really overdid it yesterday, I am satisfied with the way I feel so far on Doxil. The Emend has successfully prevented any nausea. (I took the last pill today.) I'm experiencing a little tingling in my right palm, a possible early warning of hand-foot syndrome, and have called the naturopath to ask about taking vitamin B6 pyridoxine to treat and/or prevent this from worsening. I am a touch paranoid about getting hand-foot syndrome in my left arm due to the potential impact on my lymphedema.

The orthopedist said yesterday that I had increased extension in my left arm from 50 degrees to 35 degrees, a significant improvement. We don't know if this is due to sleeping with the plastic brace gizmo for the past three weeks; NOT wearing it on Monday night with the lymphedema bandaging as part of hand-foot syndrome prevention; or the 8 mg of Decadron steroids I received on Monday as a chemo pre-med. Evidently steroids have some positive affect on joint issues. At any rate, Dr W is allowing me to stay out of the brace for two weeks to see if I continue to improve.

I wish I could say I slept better without it, but at least I wasn't forced by the gizmo to extend my arm as straight as possible all night long. I still awoke several times with severe hot flashes, the kind that leave sweat standing on my head and neck. And having Bobka's furry dog butt pressed up against my back may not have helped. But he is so cuddly.

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