June 29, 2010

The morning after

Either my anti-depressants have really kicked in, or I am still getting benefit from yesterday's steroids, because I slept well all night (except for three hot flashes that were borderline night sweats at 2 AM, 5 AM and 7 AM).

I have no nausea this morning; took my second of three Emend tablets and they seem to be doing the job. I even asked Dr G to give his hopefully positive opinion on taking our planned beach vacation, if I continue to feel well.

I feel back to my normal routine today. Walked the dog (sigh... only one dog), hope to be able to see the orthopedist, meet with an estate planning attorney, and attend an afternoon meeting. That would be a lot for me on a regular day, much less the day after chemo.

Even my left arm feels more extended after NOT sleeping in the black plastic orthopedic gizmo. We'll see what the orthopod says about that. Remember, I'm not bandaging for three nights to prevent hand-foot syndrome from starting.

Say it with me. Doxil will be::
Very effective
Manageable side effects

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