June 08, 2010

Heavenly Hats

About two months ago I learned about Heavenly Hats, a foundation "donating brand new headwear free of charge to medical patients and hospitals nationwide." On their website I completed a hat request form. The form has a place where you, the patient, can ask for specific styles, colors etc. as well as give demographic information (age, gender). I asked for low crown, upturned brim hats in bright primary colors. Voila, a few months later, I received a package in the mail with the following headgear:

1 black cotton baseball cap (the kind that is open in the back and adjusts in size)
2 tie-on kerchiefs (one black printed with gold smiley faces, the other pink paisley)
1 black fleece cap
1 red "wool" cap

Nothing is quite the proper size, but everything is new with tags still attached. Although it's been cool in Seattle, it's not cold enough to wear fleece or wool in June. (I might still be bald in October.) The baseball cap would come in handy except that the rear opening reveals a fair amount of bald head - contrary to the purpose of wearing a hat when you've lost your hair to chemotherapy.

I have contacted someone at the foundation, thanked them for the service, and hope to be able to return the seasonally and age-inappropriate items.

But if you want to help people with cancer who have lost their hair to chemo, you might consider buying some new hats to donate --


ATTENTION: Anthony D. Leanna
2325 Pamperin Rd. Suite 3
Green Bay, WI 54313


  1. Had to leave a comment- THANK YOU for this blog. I am heading to bed to get rested up for my simulation tomorrow so I only read little bits, but I'm excited to read more. God Bless you for doing this! You are inspiration to woman like me just starting out on my journey- YOU give me HOPE!

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