July 02, 2010

Keeping up energy

I was so busy on Tuesday that I took it VERY easy on Wednesday and Thursday. The uptick in energy I got from the Decadron on Monday began to wear off by Thursday.

Wednesday began with coffee with a friend. I am so grateful to my friends who call, send email, and persist in trying to reach me. Even if I don't feel like talking, I want you to know that I love getting your messages.

In the afternoon I went to my support group of young women with metastatic breast cancer. This group meets monthly, has no facilitator, but we are in the same boat metaphorically speaking and always have a lot to say. I am the "mother" of the group, the oldest at 50, and the others are in the late 30s and early 40s, some married, some with kids, some single. We were visited by a reflexology practitioner who gave us a 30 minute overview and then did some hands-on practicum on our feet.

I'm not sure I buy in to the philosophy, and this particular reflexologist struck me as fairly dogmatic in her belief that reflexology cures all. It's certainly not a cure for cancer. But she did provide some good tips, such as how to apply pressure to the palm of the hand with the opposite elbow to address nausea. I would have appreciated more tips and less lecture.

Thursday was even quieter. We did some marketing and I had a long nap in the afternoon. I did however make dinner for the synagogue's development team. We find we are most productive over food and wine. I made oven-roasted salmon with lemon and rosemary; ramen-cabbage salad; lemonade. We had freshly baked bread with hummus or butter. For dessert (no good meal is complete without dessert!) I baked shortcakes and topped them with strawberries and raspberries from our garden and whipped cream. Indeed we accomplished a lot at this meeting!

I plan to take it easy as I adjust to this first Doxil treatment, so don't worry if I post infrequently for a while.

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  1. Well Jill - My name just happens to be Jill as well. I was first diagnosed with stage four in 2003 I was 37. Then it came back in my liver at the age of 40. Now 44 -I've been on so many chemos its hard to count. Been on Doxil since January and doing very well... My tumor markers have come down about 400 points since then, and the last scan showed a lot of shrinkage. You will bounce back from the fatigue. I usually get it on Monday and by Friday I start to feel like my own self. I've never wrote on a blog before but your tag line "Dancing with Cancer" was so true that I felt the need to write. It is a dance about hills and valleys. jillann516@aol.com I wish you well!!