June 04, 2010

A small fall

Yesterday after eating lunch with a friend I tried to get up from the bench I was sitting on. My left hand (in the glove) slipped out from under me and then my legs went flying. I landed on my left hip, may have knocked my left elbow, but didn't appear to do any damage to it. My friend helped me up and a waiter came to make sure I was okay.

For weeks now, in the back of my mind, I have worried what would happen if I fell again. Now I know. There's something satisfying about facing your fears.

After my original cancer and lymphedema diagnosis, I was petrified that I would have an emergency admission to the hospital and not be able to tell anyone about the lymphedema. Then I fell and broke my leg and the first thing I said to Rik (after "Call 911!") was, "Go get my bandages."

Now I have faced the fear of falling and it wasn't as bad as I expected. My hip is pretty bruised, but some arnica gel will help that heal. My elbow seems to be fine. Thank God for the Zometa, which has strengthened my bones so that I can take two falls in nine weeks and not break anything.

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