June 04, 2010

Too much stress

Today started out as a nightmare -- literally. I was dreaming and realized that in the dream I was wearing the wig. Uggh. Not the way I want to see myself.

This was followed by Bobka the dog needing to go out to pee at 5 AM, and my inability to fall back asleep after getting up to let him do so. Even taking half a vicodin didn't relax me enough to sleep again, possibly because I knew I had to get up at 7:00.

Rik woke me before he left the house and I struggled to get started, including a walking the dogs only up the block and back. I had to leave the house at 8:45 for a 9:20 appointment with the orthopedist.

I sat in bumper-to-bumper traffic in the I-5 express lane (!). There must have been something at the Seattle Center, because the traffic cleared up just after the Mercer Street exit. By this time I was already 10 minutes late to the doc and had made an (illegal) cell phone call from the car to let them know. Well, since I used the speaker phone I guess it was legal, but I still had to dial. No worries though; the traffic was completely stopped. It took me an hour to drive about five miles.

By the time I arrived at the office I was out of breath, experiencing high blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. A little ativan calmed me a bit, but I was seriously stressed.

Dr. Wagner the orthopod wants me to try wearing a plastic splint over my lymphedema bandaging at night. I had to approximate the bandaging by wrapping my arm with the cotton-like padding they use under casts. (It took five rolls.) The splint is a piece of black plastic, warmed in 150 degree water to make it pliable, and molded to the shape of my arm. It extends from just below my shoulder to halfway down my forearm. The intent is to relax my arm over the course of eight hours in bed.

Now I have yet another gizmo to deal with. At least I only have to wear it at night. After yesterday's tumble, I told Dr. Wagner that I was seriously maxed out with everything medical in my life and could not promise to be compliant in the daytime. He actually understood, part of what makes him such a great doctor.

I got home eventually and am about to crash on the sofa. Hopefully some extra sleep, followed by cooking a nice dinner for friends, will help me recover my equilibrium. Right now my perpetually half-full glass feels more empty than usual.

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