October 22, 2008

The unexpected hospital stay, day 1

I think I posted that last Tuesday at 2:30 I saw the physical therapist, who told me to call my doctor; at 3:30 I saw my doctor (who graciously squeezed me in between previously scheduled patients); and by 4:15 PM I was in an isolation room at Swedish Medical Center. That's the way our health care system is supposed to work. When you get sick, all the players and pieces work together to get you the care you need.

It took several hours after my admission to the hospital to actually get my port accessed and start getting the intravenous antibiotics. From 4:15 PM to 9 PM, to be precise. Given the five hour wait, I am glad that I wasn't sicker, although I would imagine that if I had had a sudden collapse they would have speeded up the process. I actually got to eat dinner with Rik (oh that yummy hospital food!).

While waiting, I made numerous phone calls to find someone to take care of the dog. I guess because it was the middle of the afternoon, no one was answering their phones. Rik had taken the bus home and he fed and walked Pumpkin, reached our friends the G's to see if they could watch the dog in the evening, and found someone to drive him to the hospital. (I had the car. Not only did I have the car, when I parked it in the hospital parking garage, I carefully noted where I had parked and wrote directions on how to find the car for him. Am I organized or what?)

So RIk and I ate dinner together, and my friend D dropped my for a visit. We chatted until almost 10 PM, she left me a DVD to watch, and I went to sleep. End of day one.

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