October 07, 2008


Today I participated in a group interview of young survivors for a series of features on breast cancer on Q13 Fox. The first one should air on Thursday, October 10 sometime during the 7 AM hour and again during the 8 AM hour. It will appear on the web site as well for a week.

There were two other women with metastatic disease and we had our own, semi-private interview where we got to talk about living with chronic cancer. I think it went well.

We three also applauded the reporter and producer for having the courage to talk about "the darker side of pink," metastatic disease. The producer told us that his manager was adamant that they needed to include our story since it so often is ignored in reporting on breast cancer. Now that's someone who really gets it!

Maybe best of all, no one wore pink.

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  1. Congrat's on the interview. Thank you for openning my eyes to the bigger situation. I truely have become educated through "meeting" you!

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