October 31, 2008

Done with drugs

Yesterday I finished the two week stint of intravenous antibiotics, which I self-administered through my port-a-cath. No more staying up until midnight, waking up early and being home at 4 PM just in order to shoot myself up.

Actually, as these things go, it was rather uneventful. My port stayed accessed, limited discomfort there. The antibiotics gave me some loose stools but thankfully the pain meds are constipating, so they kind of evened each other out.

The home health care nurse came by at 8:15 AM to de-access my port, and was able to take back some paper and styrofoam boxes to be re-used. Since according to federal law, medical supplies cannot be returned to the provider after being dispensed to the patient, I would like to donate the sealed medical supplies to a medical charity doing work overseas. Any leads?

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