October 13, 2008

Cancer trump card

My friend W also blogs about living with metastatic breast cancer on The ABC Cancer Diaries. Like my blog, hers is mostly for family and friends. She gave me permission to use the cancer trump card she created. Here is what W has to say about it --

"What IS a Cancer Trump Card (CTC) you ask?

It’s that card that makes everything okay, that trumps everything because — well, I’ve got cancer. That simple, no explanation needed. All the little annoyances of life — like waiting on line, or having to stand in the subway during rush hour or wait extra long for that darn G train.
Although life isn’t fair, (I learned that one years ago, see exhibit A — me having breast cancer at 33 years of age), sometimes you just wish that when you have a life-threatening illness for seemingly no reason (other than my genes) that you can just have some other things a little easier.
I guess it’s sort of like having my own personal cancer genie. You know — the toilet overflows and you’re on your way out and you’re running late. ***POOF*** I just wave my CTC and like magic it’s fixed!!

But, oh no. Life just doesn’t work like that. Instead of things getting easier, they just get more and more complicated.

Well, I don’t really need a CTC, since I am doing just fine, though some days are better than some. But just for fun, it might be fun to make one just at that moment when things start to get a wee bit hairy.


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