October 02, 2008

Still bandaging

I got a new gizmo last week from the physical therapist. It's an under-sleeve, designed to be worn under a new type of compression garment. This under-sleeve is apparently made with lots of lycra. The PT asked me to try sleeping with it, so I did on Monday night. Unfortunately the thumb hole was too tight and the swelling backed up into my hand again, after it had measurably moved up my arm to my shoulder. Aargh!

I tried it a second night without putting my thumb through the hole and although it was awkward, it was more comfortable for sleeping than the bandages. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be providing enough compression. So I bandaged last night and drugged myself to sleep, will do so again tonight.

I see the PT again on Friday and hope that this lymphedema flare up will be more under control after another session of manual lymphatic drainage.

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