May 05, 2008

New washer and dryer

We finally found the smaller Whirlpool 24 inch wide washer and dryer in stock at Best Buy. At other stores it was going to be either 5-6 weeks of waiting for the new machines. Or a two week wait for the part to repair the old dryer.

The delivery guys also removed the old washer and dryer to be recycled, used for parts or as-is for low-income housing, homeless shelters, etc. I am a very satisfied Best Buy customer.

Bought 'em Friday, delivered on Sunday, did four loads of laundry so far and they work like a charm (and are so small!). The washer uses special HE (high efficiency) detergent -- about 3 tablespoons per load because it only fills up a third of the tub with water. We also filed for the city of Seattle rebate for the purchase of a new energy efficient washer.

Our government "economic stimulus payment" was supposed to stay in the bank as savings. Instead it went in and out on the same day, but we have great new, energy efficient appliances.

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