May 05, 2008

Best of the health blogosphere!

Today my writing became an active link on, a resource within On this site is a wealth of information about breast cancer, including a section featuring posts by women living with the disease.

A few weeks ago I was asked if could call me a featured member and use posts from my blog. They have taken some posts from February 2008 that accurately reflect the tsuris and joy that come from living with cancer specifically and living life in a conscious way in general.

Here's what the editor wrote:

"Editor's Pick: Seattle-based blogger Jill Cohen keeps a notable blog on life with metastatic breast cancer. While it at times focuses on the warm and domestic (ovens and appliances, recipes for challah, hollandaise sauce), Dancing With Cancer: Living With Mets, The "New Normal," covers an astonishing range of topics. Recently, in a single month, Jill took on matters of life and death with a calm, journalistic demeanor. The details, the facts, the experience offered by Jill represent a resource on breast cancer like few others we have encountered. We are please to highlight Dancing with Cancer in a new HealthCentral feature, the Best of the Health Blogosphere."

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  1. This is so awesome! Your blog is great, one of my regular reads, and I'm thrilled you're getting some recognition. Congratulations!