May 08, 2008

My trips to Israel

I've been to Israel seven times --

1977: with Young Judaea Year Course as a representative to the Machon leMadrichei Chul (Institute for Youth Leaders from Abroad) at age 17

1982: with Brandeis University's Hornstein Program in Jewish Communal Service

1984: with students from The Ohio State University Hillel

1988: with students while working at University of Maryland Hillel

1993: with colleagues from the Stroum Jewish Community Center as part of a Federation mission from Seattle

2001: with Hadassah for the annual convention

2003: with Rik for a vacation and to attend the first ever Machon leMadrichei Chul reunion

Throughout my professional career in the Jewish community, every job I've held has always sent me to Israel. That alone speaks volumes about the connection Jews around the world have to our precious ancestral land.

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