May 11, 2008

Garden party

Yesterday our block had a progressive garden party. We moved from house to house enjoying "drinkies and tidbits." I am sure we were quite a sight -- 15 or so adults and a small number of children walking around the neighborhood from house to house on a cold Seattle spring afternoon.

Our first hosts served sangria with wine they made from their own Concord grapes, plus little quiches. Other neighbors offered spicy mini sturgeon burgers with three kinds of sauces and wine. We served mushroom tapenade and figs stuffed with goat cheese. I created a special cocktail I call "The Pumpkin Plum" (named after the dog). Plus I brewed some Turkish coffee. Then we went to our local House Beautiful for chips and salsa, cheese, wine and beer. Around the corner for insalata caprese (tomato and basil sliced over rounds of fresh mozzarella cheese), more wine and strawberries. Then back a few houses for gin and tonics and more dips and salsa. The last hosts served whiskey and chocolate.

It was a lovely idea to gather and visit with one another after a winter of being indoors. The gardens were all fresh with spring flowers. I heartily recommend you open your home to your neighbors and make some new friends!

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