May 21, 2008

New lymphedema garb

I was recently fitted for two new lymphedema sleeves and gloves and while at the provider's office, asked about what I could do to better manage the small bit of edema on my ribcage. It sits just under the bra line on a regular bra and could use some compression, especially in the warm weather.

We discussed some possibilities, I talked with other friends about what sports bras they wear, and I ended up trying the Nike Dri-Fit zip-front women's bra. It compared favorably with the medical-grade garment in terms of fit and compression, and the length is perfect on me. I ordered one size smaller than usual for a snug ribcage fit. Best of all, the front zip closure means no awkward shoulder movements trying to put a tight garment on over your head.

It's on sale now, so that may mean Nike might not make it much longer. Isn't that always the case -- as soon as you find the right bra, the manufacturer stops making it!

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