May 26, 2008

Dunava rocks Folklife!

Dunava played to a crowded room at the Northwest Folklife Festival. We were all a bit nervous, since we collectively don't have a lot of experience with microphones, and this venue generously provided us each with a mic for a total of nine. I think our audience liked the songs, they sure applauded enthusiastically.

You can listen to us as recorded live --

Ergen Dedo (Bulgaria)

Oj Peline (Bulgaria)

Zarad Tebe (Bulgaria)


Shen Khar (Georgia)

Ne pa pogrebu (Russia) (My solo is number three.)

Tri jetrve/Ej zito zela (Croatia) (I have the first solo in Ej zito zele.)

A sto cemo (Bosnia)


Bre Petrunko (Bulgaria)

1 comment:

  1. That was a superb solo in "Ej zito zele" - Songs of the heart so beautiful!!!