January 20, 2012

Still snowy in Seattle

We've been snowed in most of the week, at least since Tuesday night. Although temperatures warmed up enough today to start the snow melting, this morning's walk was all the more treacherous with water on top of the snow and slush just starting to form. Rik has been at work clearing the gutters of ice so that water can run freely down the spouts. I've been cozy indoors. Thankfully we have power, so I've been able to do laundry, check email, write this blog, etc.

Rik and two dogs
We Seattleites just don't get enough snow to know what to do in it or with it. I am glad that the major streets are clear, but ours is still snowy, slushy and soon will be icy as we head into evening and the temperature drops. Plenty of people around town had a great time playing on Wednesday, but after three days of this, many (especially those with young children) are collectively at their wits' end.

I'm glad we went to the grocery store on Monday and have fresh food to eat all week. There's just enough produce and fruit to stretch until Sunday, by which time I am sure we will be able to get to the grocery store.

I've baked biscotti, made soup (mushroom-onion in beef broth with garlic toast), baked fresh bread. Hmmm, what pantry item shall I tinker with for tonight?

The only thing better than one Cavalier is.....two Cavaliers!

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