January 30, 2012

New mantra

I keep forgetting to post this....

Since my wig is made from artificial hair, which is flammable and could melt if exposed to high heat, the salon told me to never open a hot oven while wearing it. The whoosh of hot air escaping through the oven door could melt a wig.

Now, I bought this wig about two years ago and hardly wore it until this past fall. That's  when I discovered the wig was almost as warm as wearing a hat outdoors and way more comfortable to wear indoors. So Rik and I created a new mantra: "Don't put your head in the oven while wearing your wig!" We say it together when I'm cooking dinner. I say it aloud to myself when I'm baking. (Yes, talking to oneself is a sign of extraversion.)

Last week, while baking cookies, I forgot I had on the wig. What did I do? I forgot to say the mantra, and I started to open the oven door.

Luckily I realized what I was doing right away, closed the door, and removed my wig to check for damage. Thankfully there was no melting and no fire.

So everyone, the next time you're cooking or baking, say it with me:

"Don't put your head in the oven while wearing your wig!"

(Maybe this should be the title of my book...)


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  2. I never thought of this before. It explains my wig. The week that chemo ended, I went to my son's house, and I baked him a ton of pepperoni rolls to put in his freezer. My wig was never the same. I never connected the two things.


  3. Jill, what a great idea -- you should write a book! Are you seriously considering it? I'd be happy to edit... :-)

  4. Great title for book. Go for it! You are guaranteed at least one sale as I would definately buy a copy.