January 22, 2012

Sh*t people say to women with breast cancer

Check out this video: Sh*t girls say to girls with breast cancer.

So, stop saying things like this, people! I certainly don't appreciate hearing sh*t like this. I especially detest "how ARE you?" when said with Bambi eyes. Uggh!


  1. Anonymous1:17 AM

    Boy did that video hit home! My favorite was when my sister-in-law grabbed me with tears in her eyes and said, "why you?, why you, you were such a good person!" Past tense while I was still standing there! Oh well.

  2. I stole this and shared it on FB. I love her facial expressions. She nailed it - all those stupid people and the things they say!

  3. What I detested was everyone wanting to rub my head. I really hated it. I'm a private person, but unfortunately, wearing a scarf while tramping through the underbrush was just not practical. So I began to go w/o it, but everyone seemed to think that was an open invitation to rub my head, and I really, really hated it. It didn't seem to matter when I made it clear that I did not like that. They did it anyway. Everyone wanted to feel my head. I began to stay away from the office all together, and just keep myself in the woods.

  4. I also shared this on FB, I did not get any response from my family, as they were the ones that fit the criteria from the video. I am 8 months cancer free and they all think nothing of it. They feel it's gone so it must not have ever happened...lol. I had worked in the public eye during treatment and wore scarves til I had a bit od stubble growing back....then everyone thought they could touch me, lol....now we have moved quite away from there and I am staying home taking care of the house. I tried a cpl of different jobs after we moved but they did not work out. I feel like I am. Still healing and need this time of relaxment. I wish that I did not work thru the treatment, it was very stressful and I don't feel that helped with the side effects. My 3 month check is next week..I was enjoying no appts for a while here....lol

  5. Wow I think I have heard most of them. I have taken it lightly though. The head rubbing must be some sort of anthropological event. I thought it was just me. Have posted to FB and emailed.

  6. Thank you for liking us! We are so happy this video is hitting home! Linda Nieves-Powell and Jenny Saldana

  7. Anonymous11:16 AM

    This has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen! I love the clip, and the woman in the video is absoluely hilarious! I ended up posting it on my support group's site. Hope all is well with you - I don't comment often but wish you the best of everything. I'm Stage 4 myself, and just diagnosed with brain mets (they say about a dozen) - had WBR and just waiting a while before another CT. That's why I enjoyed this video so much - it made me laugh hysterically! Thanks again!



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