January 25, 2012

Second opinion results

Dr G said yesterday that he thought the clinical trial at SCCA studying Vorinostat was worth a chance. It seemed to offer small risk and much to offer to help treat my cancer.

As far as my other fears, expressed here, I asked him to call the lead researcher, who he knows well, to advocate for the use of my port in the PET scans. Dr G also reassured me that he would be there for me if I needed emergency or other care while on this trial.

He recommended I move forward with the whole genome sequencing, as there may be benefit in learning if I could be treated with meds specific to gene therapy. It's the science of the future, right now!

Although I never received a copy of the letter Dr Gadi wrote regarding my visit to SCCA, Dr G gave me a copy. It's as my notes indicated: the Vorinostat clinical trial; combination endocrine therapy (two estrogen blockers given at the same time); and/or some chemo options.

The clinical trial coordinator and I keep exchanging phone messages. I hope to make the connection with her today and learn more about my eligibility. In the meantime, I am enjoying the additional energy that comes with not being on chemo and hope my feet continue to improve. My CEA tumor marker is stable at 4.4 and the CA 27.29 results should be available tomorrow.

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  1. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Good luck with your clinical trial. Looks like SCCA is the only place running the trial? I wish there would be more cancer centers involved.
    My liver tumors are progressing after 2 years of stability, and I have only one hormonal left.