January 24, 2012

Neuropathy redux

My feet still bother me. For months I've taken gabapentin, L-glutamine powder, and vitamin B-6. After seven sessions of acupuncture I learned that my health insurance was only going to reimburse about 25% of the total costs, so I discontinued the acupuncture. We'd already spent more than $500 on this treatment and it wasn't clear that it was helping.

I still live with that zingy sensation in both feet 24/7. You know how when you bang your elbow and your funny bone zings? That's my feeling of neuropathy. Except that it never stops. Some times it's worse than others, but it never goes away.

I still have some numbness in my feet as well, but it's the zinging that annoys so greatly. During the day it's not as noticeable, probably because I am distracted by life. But in the evening, when I want to settle down on the sofa to read or watch TV, my feet really bug me.

I clipped an article from the paper about benfotiamine, a synthetic form of vitamin B-1 and will ask Dr G about it when I see him later today.

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