December 16, 2011

Tumor markers have fallen

I had a very pleasant surprise yesterday. I called Dr G's office to ask for my most recent tumor marker labs, taken on Tuesday, but not ready in time for Tuesday afternoon's appointment. Nurse Jacque told me the CA 27.29 (for breast cancer) had fallen from 90 last time (not even three weeks ago) to 69! And the CEA (for breast and ovarian cancer) was now at 5 -- practically normal!

You can imagine the scene. I'm doing the happy dance, Jacque is congratulating me, and Dr G wanders over to find out what's the noise is all about. Then I hear him saying how wonderful it is -- "but you still start Taxol on Monday."

If it works, I'm willing to start it!

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  1. Oh, Jill what wonderful news! I'm so very happy for 'Team Jill'.