December 12, 2011

Finally coming up for air - Dunava concert

Now that ;ast week's craziness is complete, I can finally sit back and relax before leaping into the next thing, whatever it might be.

Friday night's rehearsal for the Dunava concert went well. We rehearsed all our entrances and exits, who was going to move chairs and microphones when needed, etc. The sound checking was fine, except that by singing through every song in the entire program the night before the concert. I may finally have over-sung.

I woke up Saturday morning feeling like a baritone. At synagogue I sang very softly, just to awaken my voice. I didn't stay for the kiddush lunch, but instead got a cup of hot water and greeted people on my way out the door. I tried to nap and fell soundly asleep for about an hour. Then I ate dinner at 4 PM (!) by carb-loading on leftover manicotti, dressed and did my makeup, and we walked out the door at 5:00. As we arrived at the store to pick up the flower bouquet for Dina and extra roses for each member of the choir, I realized I had left my skirt hanging at home. Rik drove back to get it, I bought the flowers, and we still arrived more or less on time at the theatre.

I think the concert was a smash success. The stage was dressed beautifully, like a living room in some Old World country, with colored rugs on the floor, lanterns, Bulgarian survachki, and tables and chairs. This was the brainchild of S, one of our biggest supporters and an extremely creative person, who was also the house manager and volunteer coordinator. My dear friend D, our stage manager, managed to set things up and keep us running smoothly.

There were about 225 people in  the audience, around 125 more than we had pre-sold tickets. As we ran off the stage after the first half, we jointly exclaimed, "That felt like it lasted ten minutes! Are you sure it was the whole thing?" Indeed, we had sung for 40 minutes straight. The second half featured duets, trios, and small ensembles as well as the whole choir. We ended with a bang (literally -- from the tupan), ran offstage and were immediately called back on to sing an encore. Dina loved her bouquet and the choir members were surprised to each receive a rose as well.

After the show I was greeted by each aspect of my personal world. Dr G and his wife attended. He has a longtime love affair with Bulgarian music and he seemed very pleased with the concert. He even gave me a hug. To members of my cancer support group came with their spouses. Some of my closest friends were there, and several friends from my synagogue. Plus all those former Radosties and other folks from the folk dance world. And Rik and his "other mother" S who came in especially to hear us sing. All in all I loved having my own personal fan club!

Maybe I will be able to post photos and a recording sometime soon... no promises.


  1. That sounds absolutely wonderful!

  2. Stephanie5:30 PM

    It was a wonderful and well presented concert (says the musician in the house.) I enjoyed it too! And I liked reading the bios and getting to know the singers a bit. Such an interesting group.