December 08, 2011

Still doing too much

I am still doing too much but don't seem to be able to stop.

Yesterday I cooked that lunch for the synagogue office employees, to thank them for all their hard work. I made zucchini minestrone, mushroom spread, stuffed manicotti, green salad, and that chocolate-dried cranberry cake with freshly whipped cream. We had a lovely time together, and of course they were all helpful guests in terms of serving the soup and clearing the table. Even loading the dishwasher!

That left me ready to go to a quick Hadassah meeting on the west side of Seattle. I talked over tea with a long-time Hadassah member and an event planner about an activity to honor Hadassah's 100th anniversary in 2012. We came away with lots of good information to share with the rest of the local centennial committee.

Then rushed back over to my side of town to try on  a friend's top to wear at Saturday night's Dunava concert. Hers didn't work, but one of mine ddid. Sometimes you just have to have a friend's eyes be the judge!

I came home and before I crashed on the sofa, put some turkey thighs into the oven to roast with a couple of sweet potatoes. When I awoke from my nap, dinner was done. We ate and then I ran out the door (again!) to rehearsal.

Dunava sang for almost three hours. Both our guest artists were there to rehearse: Jen Morris of the Georgian group "onefourfive" and musician David Bilides. It was a fun but long rehearsal.

Today is not as full -- I have my support group this afternoon and a synagogue meeting tonight. Tomorrow a morning meeting, followed (I hope) by yoga, and an evening tech rehearsal at MOHAI. And then Saturday's big concert!

I hope some of my local friends can be there on Saturday night at 7 PM to hear Dunava sing. (you can buy a ticket online here.) We will record the concert but we will likely use the recording to help us improve, not release it for the public.

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  1. Good one. Thanks for the link shared. Missed to buy the ticket. But thanks for sharing the news.
    Keep posting.