December 27, 2011

Better today

Not having chemotherapy yesterday has given me more energy today. Despite awakening at 3:19 AM and being unable to return to sleep, I caught up on email, walked the dog for the first time since Thursday, swept the floors, ironed a half dozen of Rik's shirts and we went out to see a matinee. A much better day!

Yesterday at the local Fred Meyer (everything-cum-grocery store), I picked up a pair of sheepskin fleece lined bedroom slippers at a highly reduced price. The toasty warm slippers make my feet feel so much better, and the left shoe easily accommodates my old lift. The slippers are fully soled in rubber, so I don't slip on the wood floors. My feet are still numb, but I am moving around more easily since they are warm. I am so glad I thought of fleece.

1 comment:

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