December 06, 2011

Doing too much

As usual, when I feel good I do too much. Today I was off to the acupuncturist (and arrived too early). Next was a meeting at the synagogue. After a quick lunch at home, yay leftovers, I picked up Rik and took him to the dentist. From there I drove to the grocery store for a few things. I bought a pound of coffee at Tully's and they offered me a free tall drink -- that was clearly the highlight of my day! 

I picked up Rik again after his dental appointment and came home. I baked a cake for tomorrow's lunch for the synagogue staff, then made manicotti for dinner. I spent a few minutes on Facebook while the cake was in the oven. 

In between I am listening to the music for the upcoming Dunava concert over and over again, doing some additional promotion for the concert, helping with the set design, recruiting volunteers. On top of that I need to spend some time on the phone about synagogue matters. And Tuesday is our date night to watch NCIS.

I felt stressed all afternoon until the free mocha at Tully's. Chocolate always helps. Now I feel on top of stuff again.

I expect to crash hard tonight -- at least there was no Dunava rehearsal today!


  1. Anonymous8:11 PM

    Jill, you do more while on chemo or recuperating from chemo then most people I know. You are one amazing gal!!!! Jane who prays for YOU!

  2. That's true. You know what, I do the same thing. When I feel happy, I do too much. :)
    Nice to read your post. keep posting.
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