August 19, 2011

Still mouthy

Not only is the roof of my mouth still sore, but a lymph node in my neck is tender and my constantly runny nose is frequently bleeding. Not dripping, mind you, but red or pink in a tissue when I blow my nose. The bloody nose is a classic side effect of Avastin, not harmful at this point but seriously annoying. (I should have bought stock in the Kleenex company.)

I will see Dr G's partner this afternoon to clarify what is going on with my mouth and/or throat. Hopefully she will be able to confirm if I have mucositis, what the proper medication and dose should be, and if there is anything else going on. I've felt so well on this treatment combo all along that it was surprising to wake up Wednesday feeling poorly. And since nothing has changed over the past few days, seeing the doctor makes sense to me.

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