August 17, 2011

Mucositis maybe

Last night I noticed a sore spot on the roof of my mouth, figured I must have eaten something too hot and burned it. This morning the same spot was tender and it was painful to eat breakfast. Could this be the dreaded mucositis )mouth sores) again? (I had this side effect while on Doxil a year ago and it was extremely painful. I didn't eat for three days and lost 10 pounds.)

I called Dr G's office and miracle of miracles! nurse J answered the phone. Although Dr G is on vacation, she will review his scripts from the last time this happened and speak with the nurse practitioner/physician's assistant about what to prescribe. I can pick up new scripts tomorrow when I will be near the office anyway.

I had two more packets of GelClair left and used one at noon, am experiencing some relief so maybe it is mucositis. Sadly, the GelClair is no longer available in our area due to low turnover of product, according to pharmacy suppliers I spoke with last time. Hopefully other meds will help. And there's always "magic mouthwash" and Fentanyl patches if I really need to manage pain.

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  1. How are you feeling today? Is your sore "sore"? It is always something with this mets isn't it/