August 08, 2011

Chemo Monday

Today's chemo went smoothly from start to end. My lab orders were awaiting me at the desk; the nurses were on top of everything. On;y one problem -- there was a nurses' meeting at 8 AM and so the one poor woman at the lab, accessing ports, was overwhelmed from the get-go. Then the lab took more than two hours to get all my results up to the infusion center. All in all, we were there about four and a half hours. At least I had good company. A friend from my dancing days in Radost had been in contact and came for a visit on her one day off. We talked nonstop and passed the time beautifully. So despite the long day, I wasn't frustrated.

After another stupendous lunch at Cafe Presse (me: zucchini curry soup garnished with fresh dill and green olive tapenade followed by chocolat chaud with freshly whipped cream; Rik: one egg sunny side up and spinach salad with frites; both of us sharing a baguette), we came home to a little sunshine. I sat outdoors with a blanket over my legs and caught up on Sunday's newspaper and a good book, then went indoors to take a late afternoon nap.

We were both so full from lunch that we could nosh only a little dinner at 8 PM. Now I plan to relax for the rest of the evening.

Quick update on side effects: My eyelashes are mostly still hanging in there, but some have vanished and I don't know how long the rest will last. And I haven't written about lymphedema in a long time. Big Blue, my nighttime arm wrap, continues to do the trick and keep my lymphedema under control.

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