August 29, 2011

CT scan

Today's CT scan went as well as possible, I suppose. The nurse who accessed my port did a fine job, but when we got to the imaging area, I learned that I had the time of the scan wrong and was an hour early. Luckily they were able to squeeze me in but I still sat around for 40 minutes with nothing to do but read. I could have slept later than 7 AM after all.

Then I had to drink the incredibly yucky barium stuff that gives me diarrhea, makes my stomach ache and makes me feel nauseous. I got through the fist bottle and about half of the second bottle before I felt too nauseated to continue. Next I realized I hadn't dressed properly. I wore jeans with a metal zipper instead of yoga pants, and so had to put on a hospital gown for the scan. Plus I was wearing a hat with a metal wire in the brim and so had to wrap a towel turban to keep my head warm during the scan. I prefer to wear my own clothing (keeping at least some control over the process) and had changed my hat at the last minute before leaving the house. Oh well, what can you do?

After the scan I was hungry despite my bubbly tummy so took my mom to the Mediterranean Kitchen for some farmer's wings -- marinated for 24 hours then grilled and covered with garlic sauce and served over fluffy rice. We came home and I tried to nap but couldn't really fall asleep. Now the sun is shining but I still feel an upset stomach and so will try to sleep a bit.


  1. I hate having to wait....
    Yes you could have slept in a bit after all...Rrrrr
    I hope the results from you CT scan are good news

  2. Jacque Higgins-Rosebrook4:28 PM

    Hi Jill, Sidney suggested I write and share with you and your readers my experience with aloe vera as a drink during my recent seven week session of radiation and chemo for an adenocarcinoma on a bronchial tube in my left lung. My medical team all predicted serious blistering on my esophagus and in my mouth. I didn't get either and I'm sure it's because I drank two ounces of aloe vera every morning, after every meal and before bed for the duration of the treatment. My oncologist (Dr Sharmila Ahmed at Pac Med) is the daughter of a London based homeopath, so she was open to talking with me about alternatives and she is super impressed with my progress. I was able to eat normally all the way through, I experienced no nausea or constipation and, other than serious chemo brain and the extreme fatigue from the radiation, I'm doing quite well a month out from treatment. FWIW, Jacque

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