November 24, 2010

Still practically snowed in

Seattle continues to be snowed in today.

On Tuesday Rik was off and we enjoyed a walk with the dog in the bright sunshine, cuddled, took naps (well, I did the ironing), and generally just hung out. The schools announced a closure at 5 PM, so Rik is off again today.

Rik did go to the airport last night to pick up my mom, who will spend the weekend with us. The main roads were clear, but there was a wait to drive the one mile from the highway exit to the airport with heavy traffic.

Today we have heavy clouds, which means the temperature is a little milder and it's not as windy. We are going to attempt a trip to the grocery store to pick up the last few items for Thanksgiving dinner. I've been in touch with all our guests and everyone has been out at least once in the past few days, so it appears that we will have our feast with family and friends.

I foresee more cuddling, naps and just hanging out in our future -- with plenty of hot tea, coffee or cocoa and a warm dog butt snuggled up next to us.

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