November 06, 2010

Cradle CRAP

My head has been rather itchy lately, and the wispy new hairs needed a trim, so I went to see Cherie at Essence Salon yesterday afternoon, and she told me I have "cradle cap" (!)

Evidently babies are prone to this and yes, even cancer patients with new hair growth can get it. Cherie picked at my scalp with a lice comb to remove some dead skin (very yucky) and told me to brush with a natural bristle brush twice daily and wash with a sensitive-skin shampoo.

I've also heard about using a paste of baking soda and water; A&D ointment (eew!); Mustela Hydra BeBe; baby or olive oil. With all these products, you rub it in and then let it sit for about 20  minutes, wash several times, then condition.

I guess even though I have never raised a baby, I will be trying some new stuff. And reporting this to Dr G.

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