November 17, 2010

No change in treatment

I saw Dr G today and he decided, after careful reading of Dr Ellis's note, that I could stay on the high dose Faslodex for the time being. As per Dr Ellis, I will be carefully monitored, starting with another chest/abdomen/pelvis CT, to determine how the liver mets respond to this treatment. The high dose Faslodex is so popular that his practice is having trouble keeping the medicine in stock!

Dr G also told me that the FDA just approved another drug (Halaven - eribulin mesylate) today for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer. As he says, there is so much happening in this field that one has to stay alive for the next new thing to come down the pike.

So for the time being, I will get two shots in the butt every month -- which is way better than being on chemotherapy!

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