November 15, 2010

Happy birthday to me!

Today is my 51st birthday (on the way to 120, as we say in Hebrew). It's been a quiet day after a very busy weekend. I am looking forward to a nap but wanted to post first.

This summer I got in touch with a good friend from graduate school days, who I haven't seen in 27 years! We had a lovely visit together this weekend. On Friday we wandered through the Pike Place market and bought the fixings for a delicious dinner (white wild king salmon; cauliflower roasted with olive oil, capers, and dried cherries; sauteed chanterelle mushrooms; fresh whole wheat-rye bread; Beecher's flagship cheddar, Stilton with dried apricots and chocolate truffles from My Divine Chocolate).

On Saturday Rik and I had been invited to a bar mitzvah, so all three of us went to synagogue. Saturday night Rik went to the family and friends party while my friend and I went out for Greek food and live music from Balkanarama.

Sunday we went to Jai Thai for Mieng Kham, the world's best appetizer: toasted coconut, red onion, ginger, lime, peanut, green chili and palm sugar rolled in lalop leaves. (Delicious!) We also enjoyed tom yum soup, pumpkin curry, rice noodles with vegetables and tofu and brown rice. After this feast we went for the tour of Theo Chocolate and all the chocolate tasting anyone could possibly want! Rik and I brought home a chocolate/almond/cherry bar, an 84% single origin bar from the Dominican Republic, and roasted cacao nibs. I ground some nibs to add to my morning espresso today.

So today I am taking it easy. I did a little grocery shopping, walked the dog, and am glad to be enjoying my birthday. Kudos to Dr G for helping me get through another year!


  1. Happy Birthday to you!
    God Bless

  2. Happy birthday to you and may you live to be 120

  3. May you have the happiest of birthdays yet. Here's to another 20 years of love and laughter. Hugs,

  4. Anonymous8:57 PM

    Wonderful, wonderful. Happiest day to you.

  5. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Happy Birthday Jill from another Stage 4 survivor.Your wild salomon receipe sound delicious. Can you possibly e-mail to me?

  6. Happy birthday, Jill. It came as a shock to me to realize that I've been reading your blog for a year now. How the time does fly!

  7. Hi Debbie, another year to give thanks for, and celebrate every day.

    Hi K, the salmon recipe is simple -- spread a little olive oil on the pan and on the fish, sprinkle with salt (I use sea salt or kosher salt for its coarse texture) and pepper, and broil or roast and high heat for 10 minutes per inch of thickness. I like my salmon just barely done, and very moist in the center; cook longer if you prefer it more well done.


  8. You are right. I try very hard to live mindfully, to be in my life. That's a gift, I suppose, learned the hard way. It seems to me that sometimes one does not realize how lucky they are until they have dealt with a hard time which opened their eyes. I feel as if I slept through the first part of my life, slept with my eyes open.

  9. Happy Birthday Jill!