November 16, 2010

Birthday reflections

Since last year's big 5-0, I've had a new port placed, had a hysterectomy, dislocated my elbow, underwent three kinds of chemo, and learned my mets had spread to my liver. 

Despite the health challenges, I feel well enough to dance and sing; learned to feed myself with my non-dominant hand while the elbow was healing; enjoy the love of husband, family and friends; and take my daily dose of vitamin CH (chocolate).

On Wednesday I see the onc and get the news on what to do next. I've enjoyed the month off chemo while on Faslodex, don't really know what Dr G will offer but imagine it will include Xeloda. The breast tumor I can palpate has definitely gotten smaller in this past month on Faslodex, but the scalp mets feel unchanged and I think there is a new one.

I ate chocolate and drank sparkling wine with friends last night and we toasted to everyone's continued good health and long life. What else is there to wish for?

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