November 22, 2010

Snowy Seattle

I woke up this morning to two inches of snow on the ground -- most unusual for Seattle -- and a prediction for six more inches to come. 

Not trusting the other drivers (who mostly don't know how to drive in the snow), I stayed home and installed the new modem, made cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving, did some chores and am about to read a book. That, plus hot coffee, makes for a perfect snow day.

 Thank goodness I went to the grocery store yesterday!


  1. Quite ironically, over here, we're marvelling over the fact that we've not had snow yet, at least not more than the lightest dusting. Normally, we'd have had a couple snowstorms already.

  2. Betty Johanna12:28 PM

    Hot coffee? Not hot chocolate? If I could drive in this weather, I'd bring a steaming mug of hot cocoa over. That reminds me, maybe it's time to make some for me.