October 01, 2010


It's been a busy week with the end of Sukkot and trying to stay on top of everything. I think I am finally slowing down, but I'm happy to report that I feel fine even after two chemos in a row. I've had a tiny bit of queasy tummy, and Zofran takes care of that.

On Wednesday I went for a long walk with a friend (and Bobka the dogka). Then off to a mets support group, and finally had my 27+ year blueberry allergy tested. No, I'm not allergic to blueberries! It took a blood test, scratch test, smearing 'em around my lips, swishing them like mouthwash and finally eating some, but apparently I am not allergic. Yippee!

Who knows what gave me head-to-toe hives when I was 20 and 22, but it must have gone away over the years. I've been tested for both penicillin and blueberries now, the supposed culprits, and neither caused an allergic reaction many years later.

I came home and crashed hard Wednesday after all the activity. (The allergist visit took 3 hours!)

On Thursday I led the yizkor service at shul, and because I arrived at just the right moment, was honored with the kohen aliyah. My dad would have been proud of that. My friend Charisse would have been proud of my singing. And I finally got a chance to thank the rabbi who taught me yizkor.

Then lunch with a friend and an outing downtown on a sunny, warm afternoon; off to the farmers' market for some fresh fruits and veggies; and cooked dinner. I was pooped again.

Today I hope to lie low, go to my yoga class, and take it easy. Our friends have invited us for Shabbat dinner, so all I really have to do is make dessert from yesterday's farm-fresh apples. Apple crisp, perhaps?

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